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Spring Duties

Yup its a Montana spring, snow, windy, 12 degrees and It is pretty much May. Even with this there are things that we need to be doing or be ready to do when the weather does break.

The lawn would appreciate a fluffing up with the rake to get rid of the snow mold, rake out the Vole tunnels and get it ready to mow and fertilize.

Trees and shrubs should be looked at for any damage from snow or rabbits, voles, field mice etc. Trimming the damaged areas and then a bit of shaping will give you a good start. Go light on the shrubs to avoid trimming out this years flower buds. Flowering shrubs should be trimmed after they have flowered. One exception with pruning are the Birch and Maples. These should be trimmed after the first of July to avoid bleeding.

Fertilizing your trees and shrubs should be started now. Plants need to eat too. You'll be surprised how they will grow with a regular feeding. What ever you use you should stop around the first of July. This will give the plants time to quit growing and harden up for the winter.

Now is the time to treat your Aspen trees for the black leaf spot that shows up later when we have had a cold wet spring. Captan is a very good product that is easy to use.

Of course your flower beds, vegetable beds and patio containers need to be cleaned up. Add compost now so they are ready when the weather breaks. Come on out and browse through our annuals, perennials, veggies, trees and shrubs and get your ideas put together. You'll find many new varieties and colors for 2019.

Whether you have a new home or a home that is already landscaped we can help. We can supply you with the right plants, potting soil, bark mulches, compost, topsoil, gravel mulch, edging, weed fabric, pottery, gift ideas, gift certificates and honest advise.

We look forward to seeing you.

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